Curated by Antonio Puri


What is Art4Barter?   

Bartering may be the answer to bail us out of our current crisis.  Although artists have historically been bartering as much as possible it is more relevant now than ever before.  It can provide a solution to survival for so many of us and create a new vision for society. 

The artists that are participating are from diverse backgrounds, and will present their works for barter.   No works shall be sold for money but rather for services and goods.  The exact service or good that the artist requires will be on the label next to their art.  For example, if an artist were to ask for dental work or other medical procedures in exchange for their art, or for a studio to work in, etc., it will give the community an opportunity to barter for those items that are missing from the artists’ lives.  The irony is that art is missing from the lives of many people too because it is treated as a luxury item and not as an essential part of our lives.   This system will not only inspire people to trade with artists, musicians, writers, dancers, and other creative minds, it will also make society less judgmental about valuing different services.  When this becomes the norm, bartering will be a respectable activity and will create relationships between people from different trades.   

Society will be able to provide opportunities to artists that were inconceivable before this.  In addition to being one of the greatest human events in the beginning of the new millennium, we are also expressing a change that the rest of humanity can participate in.  By creating a vision of a new cultural standard, whereby people can get through hard financial times by participating in a win-win situation.  This idea can spread to people from all societies of the world.  The development of this project relies on the support from venues that can connect artists with members in the community that are able to fill the needs of the artists.  Therefore, I am offering to barter a work of art with institutions that will host our next exhibition. 

 This is Art4Barter!

Past and Present Exhibitions


Exhibit 7:  ART4Barter @ Tria Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 504, New York, NY 10016 (August, 2009)


Participating Artists: Amina Ahmed, Erica Brown, Donald Camp, Niyeti Chadha, Anjali Deshmukh, Vijay Kumar, Joseph Kupillas, 

Quentin Morris, James Prez, Varsha Rambarassah, David Stephens, Jay Varma, and Brett Walker



Exhibit 6:  ART4Barter @ White Column Room, 429 West Jackson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007 (July, 2009)


Participating Artists: Agustin Vargas, Angela Cazel Jahn, Arthur Secunda, Damian Robinson, Danielle Sargent, Donna Hackney, Donna Stenger, 

Elizabeth Cheche, Emily Dygert, Kevin Geary, Linda Ingraham, Phyllis Lane, Samantha Inlow



Exhibit 5:  ART4Barter @ Tamarind Art Council, 142 East 39th Street, New York, NY 10016 (June, 2009)


Participating Artists: Amina Ahmed, John Baker, Erica Brown, Donald Camp, Niyeti Chadha, Nandini Chirimar, Vinod Dave, 

Anjali Deshmukh, Loren Ellis, Joseph Kupillas, Quentin Morris, Avani Patel, Rachel Robbins, Brian Richmond, David Stephens, 

Jay Varma, and Brett Walker



Exhibit 4:  ART4Barter @ Chester County Art Association, 100 North Bradford Avenue, West Chester, PA  19382 (June, 2009)


Participating Artists: John Baker, Erica Brown, Susan Curtin, Holly Silverthorne, Rhoda Kahler, Mitch Lyons, Steven Mogck, David Oleski, Justin Phillips, 

Brian Richmond, Jeff Schaller, Gus Surmas, Ed Vander Noot, Brett Walker, and Jay Walker.



Exhibit 3:  ART4Barter NYC, 55 Bethune Street, Studio C - 909, New York, NY (March, 2009)


Participating Artists:  Vinod Dave, Erica Brown, Alexis Duque, Quentin Morris, Neil Chowdhury, Mareena Daredia, Avani Patel, Bivas Chaudhury, 

                Anjali Deshmukh, Lisa Pressman, Tanya Dodd, Rachel Robbins, Paul Santoleri, Danielle Andrews, 

Rupa Shah, Rosie Bergeron, and Alison Armstrong.  


Exhibit 2:  ART4Barter SoHa Gallery and Salon, Haddon Township, NJ (February 2009)

Participating Artists:  Ellissa Collier, Erica Brown, Alexis Duque, Quentin Morris, Donald Camp, David Stephens, 

Walter Edmunds, Rachel Robbins, Ed Hughes, Laura Williams Chassot, Brian Cote, Paul Santoleri, Pam Farrell, Leeza Meksin, 

Celestine Wilson Hughes, and Tanya Dodd.



Exhibit 1:  ART4Barter @ 628 B Hancock Street, Philadelphia, PA (January 2009)


Participating Artists:  Brujo de la Mancha, Ellissa Collier, Erica Brown, Tory Franklin, Rebecca Jacoby, Alexis Duque, 

Theodore A. Harris, Quentin Morris, Kim Alsbrooks,  Keiko Miyamori



Photos from past exhibitions


BBC News Setting up for an Interview at ART4Barter exhibit NYC        Opening Reception ART4Barter Exhibit NYC



Rachel offers web design service for Quentin's artwork        Tamarind Art Council barters to be the next  venue in NY








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Please note:  ART4Barter creates opportunities for artists to barter with attendees of the exhibitions.  ART4Barter does not barter on behalf of the artists.  The artists in each exhibition are responsible for their own negotiations and responsibilities which come with bartering.